Blogging from the bus about PLN Challenge #5

I’ll start by warning you that I am writing this on a bus. I’ve locked up our apartment and I am on my way to my in-laws to start the first leg of our summer adventures. We head out early tomorrow morning to camp in the Jura mountains and we are very excited.

I warn you about the bus because this is my first time writing a post on my phone. I’ve downloaded the WordPress app and so far it seems pretty straightforward. I’m excited to see if I can complete this post before the end of my trip since that possibility really helps in the time management piece we talked about in challenge #4. (Hmm… can’t link to that from the bus.)

Working on my blog from the bus also ties in well with challenge #5 about blogging. I really appreciated that post and it helped me define even further why I want to bring blogging back into my life. I used to blog as an expatriate and through my blog I met most of the people who are my close friends in France. It started out as a PLN (though I hadn’t heard of that term at the time) and eventually moved from online to real life. After I had two small children at home and my social/cultural circle was well established, it seemed like too much of a burden and even unnecessary to keep a blog so I completely stopped writing.

Challenge #5 brings up some great points about why blogging can be an important tool for reflection, connection, and organization. These were the main reasons I decided to blog when I first moved to France and it is exactly why I feel it is a useful thing to do now. It will definitely help meet a need in my life.

My trip is almost over and I didn’t have time to write down all my thoughts or share any tips from my experiences. That is the one thing that frustrates me about blogging…it takes me a long time to write a post. Perhaps with more commitment and practice I’ll speed up? I’ll write more about challenges #5 and #6 when we get back in a few days. In the meantime, any tips to offer on organizing thoughts or ideas for a blog post? Do you think there are ways to be time efficient in writing?

I’ve arrived!


I switched to a train halfway through this blog post…

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5 Responses to Blogging from the bus about PLN Challenge #5

  1. berryart says:

    Sarah, I didn’t know that you could download an app for WordPress. I will need to check into that. Way cool blogging from a train. I really can’t blog and drive at the same time. I’d receive a ticket for that. As far as time, I suppose you put into as much as you want. That’s what is great about blogging. You can say as much or as little as you would like.

    -Mrs. Berry

    • sarahwg says:

      Hi Mrs.Berry and thanks for your comment! I also took the above photo with the app and I was able to put it right into the post though that still doesn’t help with the blogging and driving ;). I’ve lived in Paris long enough now that I forget that everyone doesn’t have an awesome public transportation system available to them to blog from.

      Take care! Sarah

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Hi Sarah

    Love your post – encapsulates lots of thoughts about blogging and blogs. I am also so impressed that you did this from your phone and on a train/bus journey! I usually need somewhere fairly quiet to write effectively.

    As for how long it takes to write a post – for me personally this varies immensely. I always try to include an image (as you did with your very atmospheric railway station pic) and sometimes it takes me as long to “make” the image as to do the post. I think there are shortcuts and tricks you can use that can help if you write posts of similar style/format. For example many of mine are webinar overviews with recording links so they have some common content. None webinar ones are usually of simialr structure in terms of headings. Somethiong else that I do often is to draft my post offline so that I can spend a few minutes on it any time, anywhere I have available. I hope that these strategies might help you.


    • sarahwg says:

      Hi Jo and thanks for stopping by! Also, thanks for the great feedback about cutting down on the amount of time I spend writing posts and how to organize that time. I like your point about having a structure or foundation for the blog, I can see how that helps organize thoughts and I am going to give that some thought!

      Your post over at edublogs was really spot on and gave me a lot to think about!


    • sarahwg says:

      Also, as far as quiet spaces for writing…the train or bus or metro is a quiet location for me! Ha! Sometimes I wait until after the kids go to bed but being tired slows my thought processes down even more…I prefer to read blogs in the evening!

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