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PLN Challenge #6: iGoogle & the PLN web

I admit that I fall into the category of iGoogle users that established a page once a long time ago and then let it fall by the wayside. Jo Hart‘s challenge #6 post gives some great reasons for starting or … Continue reading

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Blogging from the bus about PLN Challenge #5

I’ll start by warning you that I am writing this on a bus. I’ve locked up our apartment and I am on my way to my in-laws to start the first leg of our summer adventures. We head out early … Continue reading

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PLN Challenge # 4: Making Time

Last week I began the process of building my PLN and then promptly got pulled back into “real life” with all the activity of the last week of school. I feel torn between focusing on the now and thinking about … Continue reading

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PLN Challenge #’s 1, 2, & 3

I’ve been craving professional development. I guess this craving was fueled by my recent entry into the world of running. I find running incredibly motivating because 1) it challenges me, 2) it provides a continually growing list of new goals … Continue reading

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